Shipping & Returns


 It is your responsibility to check if the shipping fees we installed for you are correctly set up. In order to provide excellent buyer experience, we highly recommend to only use an express delivery service with a tracking/traceable method (UPS or DHL).

You are required to update us once you have shipped the order. This allows us to update the customer.

 It is your responsibility to make sure that your shipping rates are up to date. You have to e-mail us if you want to change your shipping rates. We do not take any responsibility if your shipping rates are outdated.


 To offer our customers and readers a comfortable customer experience, we suggest you to adjust to our default return policy which can be found above under the Sales Conditions. However, if you must have different terms because of the country laws where you are based or wish to have different ones, you must send us your policy.

Please be aware that in addition to our default return policy, each country has its own laws surrounding shipping, cancellations, returns and exchanges. You are solely responsible that you are align with the country laws where your shop is based, so please familiarize yourself with these laws. Our default return policy is mostly based on the EU consumer rights:

In case of refunds, you will need to transfer the appropriate amount back to the customer.